Point to Point

Point to Point

Choosing the right connectivity for your business can be a complex and time-consuming exercise, whether providing a simple leased line service between two offices or a full Ethernet solution.

Point to Point solutions have moved on from the days of traditional leased lines, however whilst there is still a need for these basic services, more and more organisations are moving towards Ethernet as their preferred method of connecting sites together.

Cost-effective simplicity and connectivity
Ethernet circuits are designed to connect together Local Area Networks (LANs) so that you can operate your various company sites as a single office. This can provide cost reductions and increased efficiency for organisations who prefer to build and manage their own Wide Area Networks or who simply want a flexible and scalable point to point connection.

Castior Consultants allows you to interconnect your Ethernet LAN so that you can operate your sites as a single office. It involves no extra equipment or expertise, and it also enables you to extend Ethernet into Metropolitan (MAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Flexibility and service guaranteed
At Castior Consultants, we can offer a broad range of speeds that match your business needs, from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. Our modular bandwidth offerings allow you to pick the right speeds for your current needs and, if they happen to change, you can adjust the service to meet them quickly and efficiently.

Our ability to provide end-to-end connections ensures that we can offer customers a high quality, cost-effective solution, backed by comprehensive SLAs and first-class customer support.

We are confident at Castior Consultants that your connectivity requirements will be fully met and, using some of the most advanced networking resources, we will provide you with the highest levels of connectivity, reliability, security and performance.

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