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Do you want to use ‘the Cloud’ but are not sure what’s involved or where to start?

Cloud computing can be a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of IT resources, such as networks, servers, storage, applications and services. Hosting your virtual infrastructure on dedicated high availability hardware creates an always-on cloud of IT services. Cloud infrastructure services actively allocate resources across the network to ensure peak performance is available to all services.

Cloud computing also enables clients to see reductions in HR capital expenditure to maintain equipment, savings on IT equipment (as they are sharing resources in the cloud) and lower power bills due to the carbon-neutral nature of the solution.

Cost saving is all very well, but what if you are a wealthy business that is not too concerned with the financial aspect, or a Government-funded organisation that has to spend an allocated budget? You still need to assess the IT service you are considering against a number of criteria, such as system interoperability, security and regulatory compliance and service levels. Even if lowering costs of IT ownership is not a priority for your business, Cloud Infrastructure Services will enable you to rapidly scale and deploy IT services when and where they’re needed, improving your agility and reliability.

Cloud Computing is:

  • Quickly Scalable: built around your specific requirements, a managed cloud server delivers the right amount of computing resources for your hosted applications. This means you can scale IT resources in line with changing business needs.
  • Highly Reliable: the cloud hosting platform is built on a cluster of resilient physical servers and powered by the virtualisation technology of VMware. The software intelligence of VMware means that if a physical server in the cluster fails, the hosted cloud servers automatically move to another physical host with often zero downtime.
  • Fully Managed: our cloud servers come with full management which goes beyond simply provisioning and resource scaling. We also look after the operating systems, ensuring they are hardened, patched, updated and secured
  • Flexible: a true cloud platform will explicitly state that the customer retains ownership of their data and equally customers should be able to easily get their data out of the cloud solution.

As business IT grows in complexity, so does its demands – on space, power, resources, bandwidth and budgets. Few companies have a desire to build their own data centre and provision their own high-end communications, servers and racks, and certainly not when there are state-of-the-art dedicated colocation facilities that can already offer them robust, secure and scalable IT environments, together with a choice of connectivity options – all for a fixed, monthly investment.

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