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Our IP VPN service equips your business with a private, fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN) which guarantees the performance of your voice, multimedia and application traffic.

CChoosing Castior Consultants for your IP VPN means you have complete visibility and control of the performance of your business traffic across the network.

Cost savings
IP VPN also means that you can improve efficiency and save costs over traditional connectivity methods, such as leased lines, whilst being able to support the latest IP technologies. Where leased lines become progressively more costly as the number of sites and the distance between them increases, by bringing it all together, IP VPN offers the same performance and security for much less.

Our IP VPN offering also has a direct impact on your costs. Managing your own network can be an expensive business, with a host of hidden extras that always seem to appear from nowhere. Our customers choose our IP VPN Services because we provide the infrastructure, manage it and ensure that it delivers results.

Our managed IP VPN is a proven and robust solution that will satisfy even the most demanding customers across their LAN and WAN. It provides up to eight Quality of Service (QoS) classes, the UK’s most comprehensive offering, and the ability to change bandwidths without changing billing.

Flexible access bandwidths
If you have multiple sites, sales representatives out in the field, or even home or mobile workers, Castior Consultants provides an IP VPN that extends your network to distant offices and remote users, saving call charges when employees dial into the business.

Proactive management
Castior Consultants are committed to providing a premium service during specification, implementation and operation. Our professionalism and professionalism means you have a partner who is serious about your business needs and responsive to your specific requirements.

Castior Consultants creates and supports your entire IP VPN as a complete, end-to-end managed solution, so you can spend your valuable time and money on other business critical areas that enable your business to develop and grow.

Whether you are consolidating multi-site internet access or embarking on a fully converged IT infrastructure solution, our IP VPN Services will deliver your business critical traffic securely and reliably.



Case studies can be invaluable when researching a project, selecting a business partner or understanding how your competition is addressing issues relevant to your industry.

We have many satisfied customers for whom we have delivered complex and interesting solutions, using a variety of technologies.

Please provide details of what interests you and we will provide relevant case studies to suit your requirements.

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