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Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP Services are, simply put, outsourced Voice over IP Services.

Castior Consultants’ Hosted VoIP Services offer a highly resilient, shared infrastructure platform delivering VoIP telephony services that will:

  • Reduce telephony costs: through intelligent routing enabling “virtual” call handling, whilst providing management tools to rationalise assets and optimise resource utilisation.
  • Scalability: companies using a VoIP system have the great advantage of being able to easily add new phone numbers or extensions via the web, without the need for extra costs and setup time associated with traditional telephony.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: by reducing call waiting times and call durations
  • Increase capability and capacity: through the use of industry-leading telephony and optimisation tools
  • Improve service performance: our hosted VoIP service providers have invested heavily in network connectivity, ensuring that all of your sites benefit from robust and well managed connections.
  • Increased productivity: hosted services are generally easier for your employees to use, offer more features and management report facilities than on-site system
  • Increased agility: Managed VoIP Services are simpler to move, change and scale up or down.
Business Audits



Case studies can be invaluable when researching a project, selecting a business partner or understanding how your competition is addressing issues relevant to your industry.

We have many satisfied customers for whom we have delivered complex and interesting solutions, using a variety of technologies.

Please provide details of what interests you and we will provide relevant case studies to suit your requirements.

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