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Managed IT Services

As IT infrastructures have become more complex, making sure they work has become more time-consuming and expensive.

Instead of using IT as a competitive business tool, many businesses now find that they spend their time simply trying to keep existing systems running. That’s where Castior Consultants can help.

Our Managed IT Services cover a number of different solutions, including fully outsourced IT services, procurement, asset management or project consultancy, all delivered within a flexible, financial package, so you can choose as many or as few as you want.

  • Reduced costs: when we manage your IT, we’ll aim to reduce your ongoing IT operating costs, as well as helping to reduce your recruitment and training overheads.
  • Reduced business risk: we put tight Service Level Agreements in place and proactively manage your systems to identify and address potential problems before they occur.
  • Increased business agility you need to be able to adapt to market changes quickly to remain competitive, that’s why we’ve designed our managed services to be flexible and scalable so that you can adjust the service in line with your business needs.
  • Flexibility: our services are tailored to meet your specific business needs. We can manage as much or as little as you like, and if your needs change, even temporarily, then you can simply change the service.
  • Resilience: osing data can potentially cost your business millions of pounds, so regular backup of your data gives you added peace of mind.
  • Our people our Managed Services team has the experience and technical expertise to really understand technology and business. We will free up your IT team from the burden of day-to-day systems management, so they can focus on strategic projects to drive your business forward.

The design aspect can be undertaken in isolation, as a professional service from Castior Consultants, or as a full implementation and support service within a complete IT solution.

Business Audits



Case studies can be invaluable when researching a project, selecting a business partner or understanding how your competition is addressing issues relevant to your industry.

We have many satisfied customers for whom we have delivered complex and interesting solutions, using a variety of technologies.

Please provide details of what interests you and we will provide relevant case studies to suit your requirements.

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