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Dedicated ISDN Voice Line

Voice communications technology is constantly evolving and changing, making it difficult for businesses to know which new products and services will really benefit them.

Castior Consultants are able to offer dedicated ISDN Voice Line Services which are fast, affordable and easy to use. With ISDN, you can connect to the internet or to your office LAN through a clearer, faster and higher quality connection compared to an analogue line.

Some of the many benefits of Dedicated ISDN Voice Lines include:

  • Speed and Accuracy: SDN supports speeds that are four to eight times faster than a standard 28.8 Kbps modem. Throughput speeds are scalable, from 64 Kbps up to 230 Kbps, using compression. The digital signal used for ISDN is pure and error-free, with no line noise to slow or drop connections.
  • Efficiency: ISDN can replace multiple voice, fax and modem lines, supporting data, voice, video and audio applications, individually or simultaneously.
  • Connectivity: ISDN is based on standards and protocols accepted throughout the world. This worldwide connectivity enables you to share all kinds of information with anyone, anytime, anywhere (with or without using the internet.)
  • Economy: ISDN provides flexibility on a dial-up basis. It is an excellent alternative to costly dedicated lines or multiple telephone lines for voice, data and internet access.

For more information on how Dedicated ISDN Voice Lines can offer fast, flexible, economical and digitally clear connections, contact Castior Consultants on +44 (0)20 3059 6464.

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