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Data Centre

The data centre market has been evolving fast to keep abreast of technology trends, such as virtualisation, managed colocation, dedicated infrastructure and cloud computing.

Whether you are a user of technology services, a provider or an investor, data centres are mission critical and play a huge part in today’s global economy.

Castior Consultants has extensive data centre knowledge and expertise, allowing us to help our clients save both time and money by quickly finding the most suitable hosting and data centre solution.

Castior Consultants is uniquely placed to assist clients in deriving optimal value and efficiencies from a modular data centre environment. We partner with suppliers such as Colt whose modular data centres are available in upwards of 500m² ‘building blocks’ and are fully built and staged at the factory using high-quality, standardised components before being delivered. It is a radical new approach that reduces the cost of the data centre build-out, saves on total running costs, and delivers highest-quality off-the-shelf components that are tried and tested.

Most importantly, you get the capacity you need quickly: a new data centre can be delivered in less than four months.

Business Audits



Case studies can be invaluable when researching a project, selecting a business partner or understanding how your competition is addressing issues relevant to your industry.

We have many satisfied customers for whom we have delivered complex and interesting solutions, using a variety of technologies.

Please provide details of what interests you and we will provide relevant case studies to suit your requirements.

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